About Us



Born and raised in a little town in Algeria, I grew up with four sisters in a blissful household. Our father had a little shop, where we spent a good part of our day having fun and picking up the nuances of running a business.


As a professional, I served in the tax collection department for 30 years. Even though I enjoyed my day job, I always felt drawn to cooking. No matter where I travelled to – England, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Spain – I found famous cookbooks and great recipes to take back with me. Though I savored delicacies from around the world, I was most inspired by the French cuisine.


To turn my passion into a vocation, I joined the Viennoiserie Rouen France school of baking. It was here that I realized how much baking truly satisfied me. Cherishing every moment of my training period, all the while striving to make remarkable viennoiserie, I realized how deeply I felt about the craft. To take my learning further, I joined the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn the skill of Artisan Pastry making.


Growing up, I shared my passion for cooking with all my sisters. We were a bunch of girls always frolicking around the kitchen with an apron around our waists, ready to try another dish. Our house was always a place for delicious treats for our family and friends. Sadly, one of my sisters developed some health conditions, and that made me turn to healthier cooking techniques, like gluten-free and paleo.


La Mimi Bakery is my labor of love and a life-long passion. Mimi is what my loved ones call me affectionately, a shortened version of my name, Yamina. Mimi is also a French word meaning quality, attraction and delicacy - pretty much everything our bakery stands for.


At La Mimi, we offer a wide range of healthy baking snacks including:

o   Paleo Bread

Made entirely with almond and arrowroot flour, this vegan and gluten free bread is 95% organic. We have curated this recipe without any preservatives or additives to provide you with freshly baked loaves straight from our oven!

o   Variety of Traditional Bread

Fluffy breads made with organic ingredients like whole wheat, rye and spelt. High on health and low on gluten, these breads are the ultimate treats a bakery lover pines for.

o   French Brioche

Aromatic and nutritious bread for those who crave orange and lemon flavors.

o   Desserts

Amandines, Madeleines, Mini Crostata, Bite size cinnamon rolls, Almond cookies, Gluten-free chocolate cookies and many healthier & delicious delights to soothe your sweet pangs.


So if you are looking for some healthy baking snacks and desserts anywhere in an Austin neighborhood, we would be thrilled to serve you. Our products are available at Farmers Markets in Austin. We even offer local home delivery, so that the lovingly baked delights from our kitchen can directly reach your dining table :)